Sunday, April 10, 2011

Christian's Game Idea Journal 1

Like Ethan, I come up with crazy game ideas from time to time. I'll use his idea format to keep things consistent. Enjoy!

Game name: Boss Run

Genre: Arcade/platformer (score based)

Camera view: Platformer (or 3/4)

Graphical style: Cartoon realistic

Gimmick: You are the boss

Gameplay: Imagine you're playing any random game, and you reach a boss.  First time you reach it you play around a bit and figure out how to hurt it. You probably die. Second time through you've figured it out and you start doing some decent damage. You die again. The process repeats and you steadily get better until you can finally beat the boss. In Boss Run you play the role of the boss, and you watch that process. The player comes in for the first time, a cutscene happens, you maul the player. The second time the player skips the cutscene and is a bit smarter. It steadily gets harder and harder until the player beats you, and you are given a score based on something. You'll be able to select from different bosses all over the game, but the bosses that would usually occur at the beginning of the game (the really easy ones) would be the harder ones.

Plot: A generic plot, player is trying to save the world or something.


Polian Studios said...

That's actually a really cool idea! I love the idea of being the boss and having to deal with the pesky little hero. Maybe the hero could die and the boss survive- sometimes players give up, after all.

Christian said...

Yeah. You could win by making the player ragequit. But he might try again the next day after looking up a walkthrough or asking a friend how to beat this really hard boss.


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