Friday, June 24, 2011

Notice anything different around here?

We've had a website... "redesign". I can hardly call it a redesign, though, because it's the exact same design. We've just made it a bit sexier.
What Ethan and I have done, basically, is taken out a few things that we don't need, added in a lot of things that we do need, and changed a couple of things that we didn't like. You may notice that the Abscure logo is a little crisper, or that the text container is a little darker, or that Alec has a temple to explore in the desert landscape. So we've made things cleaner.
As far as functionality goes, we've added a lot. The front page has a slideshow of recent news, a twitter feed, and links to our most recent games. We finally have a decent about page!
What Ethan and I are most proud of is the new games page. We've had a lot of feedback involving how clunky and useless it is, so we've improved it beyond recognition. You can now see what game you're going into, instead of selecting a tiny screenshot. Games are split up into categories and you can select whether you want downloadable/Flash games, or games that work with Linux/Windows/OSX. Things only get better with game specific pages. We've upped the page size, made massive logos, put in a quotes section and given each page an area for comments. You guys can give us proper feedback on all of our games now!
Check out that delicious poster for Propel.
I've ranted on long enough, seeing is believing. Go to and try out our latest features. And if you find a bug with the site, it would be great if you could tell us.

Happy exploring!