Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Website!

It hasn't been that long since our last update, but it was a tad flimsy. We didn't have proper support for a blog and we were just editing raw HTML for the updates, it wasn't too nice to look at either.
That's why we have this website. All of the extra stuff has been stripped away and what's left is what Abscure is all about: Games. Some of the more unpolished games of the lot have been taken down, as well as all of the unfinished ones... so the list is a little small right now.
Desert theme you say? It's all about Abscure's latest game, Ruined, a collaboration between me and Ethan. It's a difficult exploration platformer that takes elements from games like Metroid, which can never be a bad thing.
So go to the games page and check it out! It was submitted for Yoyogames' Competition05, and if you're feeling generous, give it a rating to help it's chances in the judging process (which may already be over... you can never know because Yoyogames is slow on this sort of thing).
Look forward to a few in depth posts on the mechanics and design of Ruined!

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Anonymous said...

I saw your ad linked from my site (www.pegamoosegames.com). I have an idea for a game engine of sorts, but need the help programming it. Let me know if you want to bounce around some ideas. In theory, it could be relatively simple-ish.

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