Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Data Analysis Week 2

I've decided to do this every other week. This time around, I probably should have waited longer to do a post, because there has been basically no movement in the downloads. In fact, I'm not even going to count the data.

So I guess the title "data analysis" might be a little misleading, because I won't always been analyzing any data, haha.

But here's what I've been doing to try and get the downloads up:

Ruined- I screwed up big time. I posted this to Indie DB, but I was too lazy and didn't make the page look good enough. I didn't have enough screenshots, didn't have enough media (whatever the hell that's supposed to mean) and in the end we got rejected. Rejection sucks!

I posted a link on Twitter. 5 clicks. 5 clicks, that's all I got (compared to other tweets I post with links, that's bad.)

And of course there was the Ruined Look Back Part 2 post I posted a while ago. That might have helped a little. I guess I've just gotta keep trying.

The Fall Game- I did nothing to try and get this downloaded more.

GAMMACART- This game has been spreading onto a lot of different Flash game sites! Unfortunately, there hasn't been a lot of clicking on the good ol' "Play more games" button in the game, so there hasn't been a lot of traffic coming into Abscure.

The Courtship- Same as GAMMACART. For some reason it seems like GAMMACART is being posted on more sites, but The Courtship is getting more plays and better ratings and stuff. Neither of these games are my personal favorite, but out of the two, I'd definitely say the Courtship is better.

Propel- I'm excited because two Fridays from now (the 18th) I'm going to be posting a little postmortem on the effort Christian and I put together to try and get sites to review Propel. Recently, though, I really haven't been doing much to try and get this game around the interwebs.

So the last few weeks have been okay. I'm excited to see what affect blogging will have on the popularity of these games. I definitely believe that every effort I put in that is related to Abscure will help Abscure in its whole, at least a little.

Thanks for reading!

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