Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Game! (sort of)

It's been a rumour around the blog lately, mentions of a certain cannon firing game becoming free for everybody.
Well those rumours are true! And Launch is completely free for download on our games page.
Get it here. (if you get a "down for the moment" message, refresh and it should be back to normal)
I'm calling it a new game because next to nobody actually bought the game and it'll be new to most of you. I've programmed new online highscores that are based on our website, and soon there'll be a webpage where you can view all of them. For now they're in-game only.
It's also the first game to feature the Abscure Owl, that Ethan posted some days ago.
Isn't he cute?
Onto the juicy info!
Launch is composed of three games where, you guessed it, you launch a ball out of a cannon! See what we did there? Cunningly putting the purpose of the game in the name of it. Abscurians are such geniuses.
I present to you, game one, Far.
In Far you must launch the ball as far as possible (more magical titles), and you get money on your escapades, which allows you to go further and end up thousands of metres in the sky. It's so addictive it's not funny, ask Ethan.
Go far, far into the sky!
Now for game number two, Long.
Long is a game of defence, where you must survive for as long as possible. See a recurring pattern here? Complete coincidence!
Battle away the incoming triangles as they try to destroy your cannons, with more cannons. And of course this gives you money, which lets you make your cannons better. Awesome.
The triangles are coming to get you. Stop them!
And now we have reached the third and final game, Many.
In Many you have to unlock and create as many levels as possible.
It's a physics puzzle game where you need to fire cannon balls into a certain area, and things get more complicated from there. Before a level you can move some blocks around, and some blocks do different things, and... you can go into space!
With 60 levels and a level editor you won't be running out of things to do soon.
Physics are a great invention.
There you have it, Far, Long and Many. Forming a combination of cannon firing madness.
But wait! There's more! 112 achievements and four super secret unlockable games. Something to do with a duck, and an impossibly stupid quiz.

And because you probably can't be bothered going back up to click the link, here it is again.

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