Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ethan's Game Idea Journal 4

Every Wednesday (at least, for now) I will be releasing game ideas. Some of these will be from an actual document that I have these ideas in, and eventually I will just be using this format for new ideas that I make up on the spot. If you wish to use one of these ideas for a game, please ask me in the comments section. In reality though, I realize people could do anything with these, so I'm not really planning on using these ideas anytime soon.

Game Name: Diamonds Aren’t Forever

Genre: Platformer (Metroidvania)

Camera View: Platformer

Graphic style: Retro

Gimmick: Countdown/timer thing once you get a diamond.

Gameplay: There are 8 diamonds on a giant map (this is a Metroidvania). In the middle of the map is some sort of home-base thing (in this case, the crown that your jewels belong to). Your goal is to bring the diamond to your crown. Here’s the problem. The diamond is actually a bomb. You have a certain amount of time from when you touch it to when you bring it back before it goes boom and you die.

Plot: You are the king. Your jewels were stolen from your crown, and scattered across your kingdom. And now they are under a curse... put them back in your crown to reverse the curse.

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