Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ethan's Game Idea Journal 3

Every Wednesday (at least, for now) I will be releasing game ideas. Some of these will be from an actual document that I have these ideas in, and eventually I will just be using this format for new ideas that I make up on the spot. If you wish to use one of these ideas for a game, please ask me in the comments section. In reality though, I realize people could do anything with these, so I'm not really planning on using these ideas anytime soon.

Game Name: Untitled

Genre: Platformer/Puzzle (Hub)

Camera View: Platformer

Graphic style: Cartoony

Gimmick: You must collect/eat items to keep energy up. Run out of energy and die.

Gameplay: You are a trash collecting robot that runs on the trash you collect. Certain trash is more valuable than others. Enemies that are killed leave trash after they are killed, and the kind of trash depends on the difficulty of the enemy. The robot has a laser that is upgraded as the game progresses…

Plot: There isn't one.

• The gimmick is pretty cool.
• There's room for a lot of experimentation.
• There's room for a story/any kind of graphics possible.

• I'm sure it's been done before.
• Yeah it has been...
• Isn't it called N+ or something?

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