Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ethan's Game Idea Journal 2

Every Wednesday (at least, for now) I will be releasing game ideas. Some of these will be from an actual document that I have these ideas in, and eventually I will just be using this format for new ideas that I make up on the spot. If you wish to use one of these ideas for a game, please ask me in the comments section. In reality though, I realize people could do anything with these, so I'm not really planning on using these ideas anytime soon.

Game Name: Day and Night

Genre: Platformer/Puzzle (Hub)

Camera View: Platformer

Graphic style: Cartoony

Gimmick: Pressing action button switches from day to night, and visa versa

I suck at drawing Goombas.

Gameplay: Let's say you are in a field during the day, and there are too many enemies to kill. Press action to go into night, and all the enemies, which are dogs and other mammals will fall asleep. In a field, there is a giant animal sleeping (think Snorlax), blocking a cave. Switch to night to wake it up, and fight it to go into the cave. In the cave during the day, there will be sleeping bats (because they are nocturnal, right?), so they switch things up a bit.

Plot: Your village is being attacked by animals. You are chosen by the gods to go out and kill the evilest of all animals (I don't know what that is, but boy is he bad). Unfortunately, they are out of weapons to give. But they do have one special power- the ability to at any time turn night into day, and the other way around. With your fists and this power, you have to save the village. This is just a general summary of the plot by the way.

Pros: I really like this idea. It's awesome.

Cons: Will the combat be too weird without a long range weapon? Will it be too easy? Should there be a limit to how much you can switch? Will there be good platforming and good combat at the same time?

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