Thursday, March 3, 2011

What We're Working On

This is the first of a new weekly segment where I will ramble on about what we have been doing this week.

Well, honestly, I've been mostly doing this. I've been mostly blogging.

Is it just me, or is blogging the most fun thing in the world? It's like... taking everything that's on your brain and converting it into text. And then taking that text and sharing it with the world. It's pretty cool. So yeah, that's what I've been doing.

Epic428 (Go visit his site) who I worked alongside while making Leap of Faith, has been working away at a sequel to Leap of Faith.

Okay, honestly, I have a thing against sequels. I've never done a sequel to any game before. But we both felt like we were very close to making something really, really good with Leap of Faith, but we didn't quite get there with the first version. We got a lot of good feedback from a lot of different places, and now we're going to bring everything we learned into this newest project. Expect better graphics, expect the gameplay to be more rewarding and challenging, and at the same time the game is going to be really really different. The whole "only jump/can't walk" gimmick is a constant, but the jumping itself is getting a makeover.

Obviously you can expect me to talk about this in the coming weeks. In fact I imagine this will be in development for some time... Maybe I can hook you guys up with a demo before anyone else gets one.

Christian recently started school again so his ability to do stuff has been greatly affected. But I don't care, he has more game making ability in his pinky than I have in my whole body, so I'm happy with whatever time he puts into this whole Abscure thing. Right now he's working on converting Launch into GM8, and then making an online high score system thing, and then making the game free. So that's going to be fun. I'm planning a similar marketing assault as the one that I used for Propel, and hopefully the game will get the press it deserves, because it has like 3 awesome addicting games rolled into one download.

Okay, thanks for reading! And thanks for caring enough about this silly little game making team to read all the way through.

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