Monday, March 21, 2011

Data Analysis Week 3

This weekend I collected data from Abscure's download tracker, took the percentages, and compared them to the last time I took this data (about four weeks ago).

1. Propel: 34% 3% from last time
2. The Courtship: 22% 1 % from last time
3. GAMMACART: 21% 1% from last time
4. Ruined: 16% 5% from last time
5. The Fall Game: 7% NO CHANGE from last time

So now I will explain what I did to try and get these games noticed, and why these percentages turned out the way they are.

1. Propel 3%
Propel became the most-downloaded game on the site for a few reasons. I posted it on Reddit. For a while it was the first game on our Games' page, at a time where there was a boost in traffic. It's our Twitter page's theme. And most importantly, it's gotten a lot of press.

But as of late, there's been no press, nobody coming from Reddit for it, and although it's till the Twitter page's theme, its stock has fallen the most this week.

2. The Courtship 1 %
The Courtship is responsible for a lot of the traffic that we get. This steady flow of traffic comes from the fact that this game gets a lot of plays OFF of Abscure; it's on a lot of different Flash sites, and I guess people click the "Play More Games" button on it.

However, I only count the downloads that happen ON the site. So although it's possible that this is our overall most-played game, this isn't what we're analyzing here.

I've done nothing to pimp this game.

Haha, I said pimp. Note: In this context, it means "advertising." I've done nothing to advertise this game.

4. Ruined 5%
Yay Ruined! In the last article I talked about how I wanted to make this game noticed a little more. Well, I did that.

It's all because of Reddit. Oh Reddit, how I love thee. I posted Ruined on there, and it got a lot of up votes, and next thing you know it's going up. Reddit is so awesome- with other social networking sites, no one notices what I put up. But with Reddit, you automatically are on the front page (of the category) once you post something.

Of course, after a while, it died down, and now it's back to normal. Oh well.

5. The Fall Game 7% NO CHANGE
I've done nothing to advertise this game.

Kinda sad this hasn't gone down in the percentages.

Thanks for reading.

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