Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ethan's Game Idea Journal 1

Every Wednesday (at least, for now) I will be releasing game ideas. Some of these will be from an actual document that I have these ideas in, and eventually I will just be using this format for new ideas that I make up on the spot. If you wish to use one of these ideas for a game, please ask me in the comments section. In reality though, I realize people could do anything with these, so I'm not really planning on using these ideas anytime soon.

Game Name: Super Platformer RPG

Genre: Platformer (Hub)

Camera View: Platformer

Graphic style: Cartoony

Gimmick: Level up/customization system for basic platforming skills.

Yeah! Looking good.

Gameplay: The game is a regular platformer, with a level system like Jumper (Worlds-Levels). The levels would also be a similar size.
The player gets experience points based on completion, and stats based on that. There would also be some kind of coin/collectable system. Things taken into account would be deaths, time, and enemies killed.
Experience can be used towards stats: Jump, Double Jump, Strength, Health. Stuff like that.

Plot: You have always wanted to be a super hero. The problem? You are a weakling. Luckily, you also happen to be a ridiculously rich technology tycoon. Using your authority, you somehow construct a simulator that allows you to work on your super hero skills. (this is the setting for all of the worlds except the final world) Eventually you decide to film yourself running around the city, saving people (this is the final world).

Pros: I love RPG Elements. I love platformers. It's definitely something I'd play. It's probably something I'd play for a long time.

Cons: Is this really original? Would it be possible for the player to "break" the game easily by just loading up on a certain stat? Would it be difficult to make all of the stats of equal importance? Would the plot completely suck?

Thanks for reading.


Pete Grammarman said...

It sounds original to me, I can't think of any game that's done something like this before, and I can't believe I haven't thought of it before either. You could even have standard platformer abilities be skills to buy, like double and wall jumping.

I think I may steal this "game idea a week" thing, if you don't mind.

Ethan said...

Go ahead and steal it, be my guest!

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